The concept of community building is an integral component the Okemos Nursery School philosophy.  From the very beginning of each new academic year it is our desire and conscious intention to establish a working, cohesive sense of “community” within each of our classes.

Our Natural Community

We begin as an eager amalgam of personalities and grow into a competent self-governing team with common goals and an empathetic understanding and acceptance of the individual personalities that make up the chemistry of each class.

The children learn that their individual actions affect the common good, safety and happiness of the whole.  Although the chemistry of each class is totally unique, everyone enjoys contributing his or her special gifts, allowing all of us to realize a personal sense of joy and belonging.  The success of this cooperative effort builds a strong and positive sense of self which we believe our children will carry with them throughout their lives.


Including families in their children’s daily experiences is an important goal at Okemos Nursery School. Our school community includes approximately sixty families with whom we share Weekly Sheets and Photo Galleries. This practice affords our parents valuable insights into all aspects of school life and activities.